Kodo Ceremony – A Star Model Summary

Kodo Ceremony - A Star Model Summary
Read the following article about a presentation that was given about the Japanese Kodo ceremony. On the opposite page, write a summary about the importance of the ceremony in the past. Your summary should be about 100 words long (and no more than 120 words long). You should use your own words as far as… ...

ESL Mini Theme – Motorbike Taxi

ESL Mini Theme - Motorbike Taxi
This mini theme comprises a reading comprehension task, gap fill listening exercises, note-making, summary writing and article writing. Student responses are included and commented for the summary writing task. The answer key is included in the PowerPoint Presentation. The audio is embedded as well. We hope you find it useful. Download: ESL Mini Theme -… ...

Smartcopter – A* Model Summary

Smartcopter - A* Model Summary
Model Summary for October / November 2016 Paper 21 One of the benefits of the smartcopter is its blistering speed. It not only takes off swiftly, but it also is environmentally friendly. Apart from that, smartcopter can relieve traffic problems and is equipped with auto functions. However, the smartcopter comes with its own shortcomings like… ...

A guide to ESL summaries

A guide to ESL summaries
Contributed by Muhammad Malik, English Teacher, Inguraidhoo School, Maldives. Thanks a lot Malik for sharing. Summary Writing – Social media from eslmojo.COM Download:… This content is for Gold – Yearly and Diamond – Lifetime members only.Log In Register

Summary – Student’s Response

Summary - Student's Response
Contributed by Mausooma Adam, English Teacher, Meemu Atoll School, Maldives. Thank you Mausooma for sharing. Download: