Note-making: Responses & Analysis

Note-making: Responses & Analysis
The students’ responses to the note-making exercise about “Precious Objects” are compared with the marking scheme and analysed. The presentation includes comments / suggestions for improvement. Download: PowerPoint – Precious Objects Responses & Analysis Precious Objects Marking Scheme Core Precious Objects Marking Scheme Extended Precious Objects Question Core Precious Objects Sample Extended Precious Objects Sample… ...

Freebie – Note-making for grade 6

Freebie - Note-making for grade 6
Read the short article about the endangered, American Crocodile and make notes for the given headings. American Crocodile The American crocodile is considered an endangered species in nearly all parts of its North, Central, and South American range. Survey data, except in the United States, is poor or non-existent, but conservationists agree that illegal hunting ...

Crocodiles – ESL Notemaking

Crocodiles - ESL Notemaking
This is a brand new notemaking exercise suitable for the secondary level. Answer key is included with the document. Lifetime members can download the editable version of the question here Download: Crocodiles- Notemaking… This content is for Gold – Yearly and Diamond – Lifetime members only.Log In Register

Mary Seacole – ESL Tasks

Mary Seacole - ESL Tasks
Contributed by Muhammad Malik, English Teacher, Ra Inguraidhoo School, Maldives. Thanks Malik, for making a difference by sharing. Summary: Contains note-making, summary, and listening exercises. Download… This content is for Gold – Yearly and Diamond – Lifetime members only.Log In Register

Save the tiger – Notemaking

Save the tiger - Notemaking
Contributed by Muhammad Malik, English Teacher @ Raa Inguraidhoo School Presentation edited by   This reading lesson, prepared by the aforementioned teacher, introduces notemaking skills to learners and includes some reading comprehension and vocabulary exercises. wishes to thank Malik for his continuous contributions. We hope the readers and teachers find it useful. Download… ...