Survival Challenge – Student’s Response

Survival Challenge - Student's Response
You just took part in a reality show called “The Survival Challenge”. Write an email to a friend giving the exciting news. In your email, you must: Say how you got the opportunity Describe what was the hardest part of the competition Explain who won and how you felt about the whole experience Student’s Response Dear Cloud, ...

Teeny-weeny, but priceless

Teeny-weeny, but priceless
This is an authentic student’s response for a letter writing question about losing something small, but valuable. Despite occasional clumsy language and a few register errors, overall, this is a strong piece of writing which fits to the higher mark bands. In order to further improve the letter, she could have explained how the purse ...

An interesting discovery: A* Email

An interesting discovery: A* Email
You recently went on a picnic to a nearby island where you saw something interesting. Write an email to friend telling what happened.  In your letter you must; tell when and where you went describe what you saw describe your feelings about what you saw The pictures above may give you some ideas, and you… ...

Narrative Letter PPT – Freebie

Narrative Letter PPT - Freebie
This presentation about “Writing a Narrative Letter” is contributed by Mrs. Eman  Abd El-Aal  Ahmed, English teacher at Al-Manar International School, Egypt. We thank Eman for her invaluable contribution and hope our users will find this freebie useful. Download: Writing a narrative letter Doc files

Looking after house – A* Email

Looking after house - A* Email
Your friend is coming to stay in your house next month to look after it while you and your family are on holiday. Write an email to your friend about staying in your house. In your email, you should: tell your friend where some important things are in your house ask your friend to do… ...