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With best wishes from eslmojo.com. We hope you are elated! We would also like to request you to send any papers you have to us so that we could share them here for all the students. What you could do is, just after the exam, you can sit together and note down all the questions while you remember them. Then, type and send them to us. Remember, sharing makes a difference!

Download papers

CST307-Language-Teaching-Methodology-II (391 downloads)

EST101-Developmental-Psychology-Revision-Questions (518 downloads)

EST103-Educational-Psychology (452 downloads)

EST207-Mid-Sem-Exam (444 downloads)

EST301-Sociology-of-Education (367 downloads)

LIN103-Introduction-to-Linguistics-II (297 downloads)

LIN207-Discourse-and-Pragmatics (326 downloads)

LIN215-Learning-a-Second-Language (368 downloads)

LIN217-Teaching-Language-Through-Literature (330 downloads)

MNU English Entrance Exam - Sample Paper (219 downloads)

MNU English Entrance Exam - Answer Key (160 downloads)

Revision Notes

Approaches-to-Grammar-ENG111-RevisionNotes (192 downloads)

The-Grammar-Triangle (170 downloads)

Qualitative-Research-Methods-The-Revision-Manual (147 downloads)

Developmental Psychology - Revision Guide (118 downloads)

Research-Methods-Final-Exam-Questions (29 downloads)

Research-Methods-EST303-MCQ-Revision-Booklet (29 downloads)

Key-Definitions-or-Terms-of-Research (26 downloads)

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