Mr. Crispy’s Paprika Falvoured Chips – A* Letter

Mr. Crispy’s Paprika Falvoured Chips - A* Letter
You recently visited a big shop in your area and found an item which you have been trying to get for a long time. Write a letter to a friend telling about your visit to the shop. In your letter you must; say why you went to the shop and when describe what you found ...

Listening Q8A&B: PowerPoint

Listening Q8A&B: PowerPoint
Contributed by Mrs. Eman  Abd El-Aal  Ahmed, English teacher at Al-Manar International School, Egypt. We thank Eman for her invaluable contribution and hope our users will find this freebie useful. Download PowerPoint Question-8-Eman-Abd-El-Aal (PDF) Attempting Question 8AB (PPT)

Important lexis for ESL listening

Important lexis for ESL listening
Dear Student, This list contains over 600 carefully chosen words from IGCSE ESL listening past papers. Although it is not a good idea to learn vocabulary in isolation, if you learn these spellings, it will help you score better marks at listening. Make sure you check the pronunciation of these words with the help of a dictionary ...

Survival Challenge – Student’s Response

Survival Challenge - Student's Response
You just took part in a reality show called “The Survival Challenge”. Write an email to a friend giving the exciting news. In your email, you must: Say how you got the opportunity Describe what was the hardest part of the competition Explain who won and how you felt about the whole experience Student’s Response Dear Cloud, ...

Osprey – Summary Analysis

Osprey - Summary Analysis
This summary analysis includes authentic scripts of varying quality, ranging from 2 marks to full marks. Comments have been included for each summary response along with the marks. It also highlights key points about the skill itself. Download: Lady The Special Osprey MS Lady The Special Osprey Question Lady The Special Osprey Sample Responses Lady ...