Form Filling – Common Errors PPT

Form Filling - Common Errors PPT
A brand new PowerPoint presentation on information transfer skills. This presentation highlights the common errors made by students and explains how to successfully nail full marks. It includes excerpts of real answer scripts and comments! We hope our premium members will love it! Please go to ESL PowerPoints to download it.  … This content is ...

Top Tips for ESL Exam

Top Tips for ESL Exam
Good news our premium members! Here’s a comprehensive and a top quality presentation on ESL exam tips! We have added pictures/files to show examples of common errors and top tips that can help your students fetch more marks! Just download the folder and right-click and extract the files into a folder! While this is free… ...

Emotive Language – PowerPoint

Emotive Language - PowerPoint
According to, emotive language describes words and phrases meant to evoke an emotional response to a subject. Conversely, referential language represents the use of a word or phrase solely by its lexical definition, or denotation. In this presentation, our premium author, Nasir, explains emotive language in simple terms shows through examples, the effect it… ...

ESL Mini Theme – Motorbike Taxi

ESL Mini Theme - Motorbike Taxi
This mini theme comprises a reading comprehension task, gap fill listening exercises, note-making, summary writing and article writing. Student responses are included and commented for the summary writing task. The answer key is included in the PowerPoint Presentation. The audio is embedded as well. We hope you find it useful. Download: ESL Mini Theme -… ...

ESL Theme – Smoking

ESL Theme - Smoking
Download: Presentation – ESL – Smoking PDF Document – ESL Theme – Smoking Audio 1 – Tobacco Audio 2 – Smoking Addicts… This content is for Gold – Yearly and Diamond – Lifetime members only.Log In Register